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This Thanksgiving
By Kay Johnsen
Down on my knees
I give thanks for the gift unlike any other that could be bestowed
To any human in this world
It’s a love that can’t be put into words
Impossible to even define
A pure love that envelopes all of my heart and all that I am
I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined
A love that never dies is inconceivable
Wherever we are, you are with meIt’s like a dream, almost make-believe
Someone I can’t live without
And yet never have to
To know you, a man of light and magnificence is an honor
Everything to me, irreplaceable
An appreciation takes my breath away every moment, every day
Just to know our bond can’t be broken
How am I to be so fortunate?
A limitless union
It’s mine endlessly
For an eternity
The gratitude overfills my soul
The tears of thankfulness run down my face
We are one
There can be no separation

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