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“My experience with Kay has been informative and very, very accurate. I came to Kay with a lot of questions that had been bothering me. I fell into deep depression and was very confused on what path to take and what I should watch out for. I got several readings from Kay and everything she told me came to pass. She made me look deep inside myself to find answers that I been looking for and my future. Kay is not just a wonderful psychic but she also became my friend. I would encourage anyone and everyone to get a reading from Kay. She is compassionate, accurate, makes you feel comfortable with sharing private information and a joy to be around. Thank you Kay”.  Shannon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Kay is professional, compassionate and respectful. I had the pleasure of attending a group reading where Kay exhibited her skills and talents with loving intent to reach those that have passed. She expressed details and accuracy that truly engaged the participants. It was a worthwhile and enlightening experience for me.  I look forward to more sessions with Kay.  Thank you for helping me in my journey in this life".  Kelly


“I approached Kay with Spiritual Insights because unfortunately both my parents had died 6 months apart from each other both in 2015 and both were so unexpected and sudden and shocking and there was seriously no preparation prior to their deaths and I would have loved to talk with them more and get answers to some of my biggest questions.


Kay helped me by using her gift to reach out to my parents in the spirit world to get whatever messages they had to offer me which was so helpful and comforting that it put my mind at ease and made me feel more connected with them even after going through such a hard time with losing them.

The result was incredible and so easy to understand and I could feel it was them because she could tell me things only my parents would know and there was so much emotion and feeling and it just touched my heart.

One thing I liked was how easy it was for them to connect and for Kay to share with me in a relaxing and comforting way. I found the experience refreshing and so helpful and just wonderful all around. It really felt good to know that my parents were still with me in spirit!

I would recommend Kay with Spiritual Insights to people who need clarity and have questions and just want some type of connection to those they love and have lost and to anyone who needs more understanding about life, death and connection to spirit and the Universe! You won't be disappointed! It was wonderful for me! Thank you Kay!”  Cookie, Neopit, Wisconsin


“Kay is extremely easy to talk to and she genuinely cares about people. I can tell she truly wants to help people. I have met with her twice and she has said things to me that she could have not known. If you are in need of spiritual help or guidance I highly recommend Kay. Thank you again Kay!” Jenny, Neenah, Wisconsin


“Did a reading tonight. She takes her time, you don't feel rushed. I only told her 1 word to start the reading and she nailed it.” Barb


“I am very happy I had the chance to meet with Kay. She was spot on and I feel so much relief from what she told me. I will definitely be seeing her again.” Melissa

“Such a caring person!” Kim


“Kay is awesome and, to the point. All I said was, we lost someone very dear to us 3 yrs ago, and she was spot on about everything.” Theresa

“Kay is amazing, she helped me with lifting a veil and my gifts. Thank you Kay” Deanna


“Wow! She is definitely a real psychic. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her. She has definitely helped me get back in touch with my spirituality and for that I’m thankful!” Abdi


“She is amazing!!!!!!! So glad I got closure. She is worth it!!!” Sheena


“I attended a class, had a private reading and went to a few group readings. I enjoyed every experience, along with the snacks!” Jay



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